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1. I used to have over 16,000 comic books. When my wife laid down the law, I trimmed my collection to my favorite 2,000 (mostly Batman)
2. I could easily live on PB&J or spaghetti for the rest of my life.
3. My favorite stitches story:  I’m eight years old on a Hoppity Hop.  Jumping the gap between deck and grass seems like a good idea.  Bad decisions, slippery grass, and a brick border team up to earn me 8 stitches in my arm.
4. Current addiction: obstacle course racing.  Swimming through an ice trench is not my favorite, but there’s something inherently fun about jumping off 15-foot platforms and getting zapped with 10,000 volts.
5. I have worn the same shirt and tie for the last 13 years of yearbook photos.  I don’t think anyone has noticed yet, and that makes me sad.
6. My spirit animal is the squirrel.
7. Favorite song of all time:  “Roxanne” by the Police. Fun to listen to.  Even more fun to sing badly, which happens to be my specialty.

Teacher by day and a writer by night…or at least by summer and extended weekends.  I grew up near the beaches in Delaware.  No neighbors to speak of and only 3 channels on TV.  So, lots of time for imagination to fuel the writing career I wanted since I was five. High school newspaper, journalism in college, and a few years teaching middle school later, I gave it a shot.  Now I still live close to the beaches in Delaware with a wife, two of three kids still at home, a dog, and five cats at last count—they keep finding our house. It’s like there’s some hobo cat king nearby scratching out secret maps to our house or something.  Make it stop!
But I digress. 
When I’m not grading papers or writing, I’m outside—running, biking, kayaking, body boarding, skiing, whatever I can get into.

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Alex Miller can’t forget the things he has seen, and neither can the man he helped put in jail. The Witness Relocation Program has changed Alex’s identity repeatedly, and he and his mother must keep running to stay one step ahead of their enemies. His latest identity as a skateboarder in Virginia Beach is no easy ride - nosegrabs, ollies, and kickflips are all new to him. Alex has to catch on quickly to blend in - but the biggest trick he’ll have to master is staying alive. 

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Cara Delevingne will play Margo Roth Spiegelman in the Paper Towns movie. 
Like everyone involved in the film, I was blown away by her audition. She really, really, really gets Margo.


Cara Delevingne will play Margo Roth Spiegelman in the Paper Towns movie

Like everyone involved in the film, I was blown away by her audition. She really, really, really gets Margo.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”

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Play Ball!


Play Ball!

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Happy National Read a Book Day!

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All you need for this workout is a stack of hardcovers and some yarn or rope to tie them together!

Workout #1: The Book Curl


Workout #2: The Book Up


Workout #3: The Brunch (Book Crunch) - Just like brunch this can be done alone or with a friend!


Cool Down


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"In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you." (Mortimer J. Adler)

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